Top Drivers for Innovation and Success in the Philippines

The world has become increasingly competitive. Thirty years ago, competition existed mostly from a local/regional standpoint however today, companies produce a product or create a new invention, try to patent it and provide better service, but within a few months someone else in another part of the world has produced something very similar, if not better. Only companies that constantly challenge what they do, challenge themselves to come up with new and different ways of doing things and constantly improve will survive in this new globally competitive environment.

Here at CBE, innovation is one of our Core Values for this very reason. The company has been innovative in creating better ways of doing business while providing exceptional and innovative service to our clients and consumers. We opened our doors in the Philippines office in May 2013. The BPO/call center industry in the Philippines was not very familiar with third party collections, as the focus was mainly in first party collections and customer care. While the path over the last four years has never been straight and easy, we have been able to lead the way by illustrating that services like third party collections offshore can produce very solid results for our clients.

I can sum up the following top five drivers for success in entering a large market with a service offering most companies would not consider offshoring just four years ago:

  1. Excellent innovators and leaders who all share the same vision and purpose
  2. Core Values driving decisions from the top-down
  3. Motivating and empowering people
  4. Open door policy at all times
  5. Taking time to build meaningful relationships

These drivers have since led to major growth for us in the Philippines beyond debt collection services. We started with one site in Manila that gave employees the opportunity to have a better career and life. Through the innovative talent in the Philippines, we became a captive site, with IT developers and IT helpdesk that support the entire organization and have been directly involved with the company’s innovation and creation of applications and enhancement of our systems. We opened a second location to support the growth of our technology and consulting subsidiary, Madison Wyatt, a few years later. And this is still only the beginning…we will not stop innovating and improving to provide the very best customer experience for our clients and consumers, whether onshore or offshore.

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