Best Student Loan Success Stories

Nothing beats higher education success stories. A few of my favorites from the article are below.

A woman moved to Oregon and followed a minimalist lifestyle. She did this by living with less and by doing so, was able to pay more on her student loans each month. This back to basics approach enabled her to pay off her student loans in five years. What a feat!

A graduate paid off $30K on an entry-level salary. She didn’t like the idea of paying extra on the interest, so she worked diligently on paying off her student loans in two years by eliminating extra spending.  She treated her loans like an emergency and kept nudging away at the expense.

An attorney repaid nearly $90K. He managed his lifestyle to a science and used his higher salary to knock off his student loans. He was loan-free in over two years!

Kudos to the alumni who provided their success stories!

Read more success stories here. Do you have a favorite story from what we have shared? Please share in the comments.



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