How to Keep a Highly Skilled Finance and Accounting Team Engaged

Employee engagement is always an interesting topic to discuss. Especially in a highly technical and skilled team, like Finance and Accounting. Our CBE Finance Team spans 25 individuals, in two countries, in seven sub team groups, ranging from skills of Accounts Payable Coordinators, Payroll Accountants, Staff Accountants, Financial Analysts, as well as the four layered management team. Keeping that many employees, all highly skilled in their own way, engaged and performing at their highest level leaves only one thing constant for the management team – changing engagement techniques.

No matter how much better you become as a team, its only human nature to want more. We had the best eNPS and engagement survey last quarter. However, when thoroughly reviewing the comments, our management team realized our hardest task now is to keep the engagement at that level. It’s like when you go to your favorite restaurant, you know you will always keep coming back, but if that brand new waitress didn’t quite serve you the way you are accustomed to, you will share that feedback through lower tips or a survey post visit.

Keeping our team engaged starts with the feedback and open communication between the team and management. Over the last 12 months, on top of our monthly one on ones, weekly stand ups, roundtables, and one of our favorites – weekly Pork Chop Trivia – we have tried everything from Accountability Boards, Piggy Banks with prizes, peer recognition, unique team building activities, volunteer events, formation of a Finance Culture Club, feedback boxes, and so much more.

As a leader, the most important task is to put your employee’s needs and development ahead of your own to create the most engaged, effective and efficient team possible. A leader’s team is a direct reflection of themselves. To have the most effective team, it means leading each individual in the way that they need independently to fit into the greater team. That is not an easy task, however, if successful, it results in high results and a strong functioning team. One of which we have are proud to have and I am proud to lead here at CBE.


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