How Speech Analytics Adds a New Dimension to Performance Metrics

For years, we’ve been able to systematically monitor quantitative aspects of call quality, such as average handle time, service level, conversions and even customer satisfaction. Those metrics are very important in the effective management of any call center operation, from customer service to debt collection. They are heavily analyzed, used as the basis for continual improvement and relatively easy to measure.  However, what about the qualitative soft skills and compliance measures crucial to the customer interaction?  Are agents following customer experience and compliance expectations?  If not, how does it affect your brand and reputation?  How do you know without countless hours of random call sampling and manual monitoring?

A well-integrated speech analytics program gives call center management and their clients a method to inspect what you expect. Beyond quantitative call center statistics, you get a clear view of the quality of every single interaction between agents and consumers WITHOUT the need for time-intensive manual call monitoring.

Wide-Spread Impact of Speech Analytics
Outside of the analysis of specific metrics that add new dimensions to your ability to monitor call quality, a speech analytics program will deliver many wide-spread benefits:

  • Extreme efficiencies in one-on-one call monitoring and coaching sessions
  • Avoidance of biased, subjective agent monitoring
  • 100% call monitoring (assuming 100% call recording is performed) removes inaccuracies associated with sampling
  • Diverse set of data components for more complete analysis
  • Better understanding of performance trends
  • Reduced time required for proactive compliance audits
  • Timely review and feedback from management staff regarding specific on-call situations

Imperative Components of a Well-Designed Speech Analytics Program
In order to be useful and provide accurate results, it is imperative that a speech analytics program is well implemented with continual support. Not all software is alike.  Certainly, not all applications of speech analytic technology are equal either. Take the time to carefully review the effectiveness of the program as a whole to ensure trusted analysis.  Factors to consider include:

  • Percentage and volume of calls monitored
  • Customization of metrics to mirror specific initiatives
  • Incorporation of situational response language or trained scripting
  • Client-specific measurements
  • Integrated use of metrics designed for non-English conversations
  • Continual improvements and enhancements to the program’s capabilities
  • Widespread access and trained use of the system by multiple levels of management
  • Integration of speech analysis metrics into other agent and performance analysis


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