Top 5 Things Learned at Utilities Credit and Collections

I was fortunate to attend the Conferences by Monticello Annual Utilities Credit and Collections Symposium in Florida. It was an exciting two days full of networking, panel discussions and intriguing case studies.

View the top 5 things I learned at this premier annual event for the utility industry.

  1. The use of technology for outages and pre-disconnection of services is HUGE.
  2. The outsourcing of services to specialized partners (example Early Out, Legal, and Commercial).
  3. Agility. Agility is critical of internal staff to care for the needs of consumers such as payment plans and energy assistance programs.
  4. The pros and cons of full credit reporting while staying compliant.
  5. All of the attendees were very welcoming especially with it being my first utility conference (I have been on the client side over the last decade)!

Did you have any “aha” moments at the conference? Email me with your takeaways.

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