10 Tips for Epic Onboarding

When it comes to onboarding new strategic partners for call center services we use these 10 principles as a guide to deliver our end in mind. We use these best practices, whether it is first-party collections, fraud management or third-party recoveries.

We’d thought we share with you our guiding principles:

  1. Know Your New Client: Immerse your key personnel in their culture. This investment of resources and time is critical to the process
  2. Know Their Goals: Be intimately familiar with their expectations
  3. Know Your Own Team: Identify key team members who will lead your efforts for the new client
  4. Always Remember The Culture: Your company’s culture should push your company forward
  5. Focus on the End in Mind: Always stay focused on your goals and how you will get there because sometimes it’s easy to get off track
  6. Honor Technology: Must have the right technology and resources in place
  7. Full Team: Must have a full team on both sides to implement the business
  8. Tailor Talent: Hire and/or train best suited for the program. We use Strengths Finder as a tool to help assemble our team, what do you use?
  9. Recognize and Rejoice in Victories: Celebrate kickoff day and small victories along the way
  10. Metrics: Focus on the performance curve right out of the gate. The key is to shorten the length of the curve

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into our best practices for onboarding new outsourcing partnerships.

More importantly, does your outsourcing partner use similar best practices for onboarding?

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