Three Years. Three Roles.

Upon transitioning from the public accounting field into private, internal accounting with CBE I found I was able to capitalize on my passion for improving processes and controls. During my time as the Director of Finance & Controller, I focused on rebuilding and restructuring our Finance team to ensure we had the right person, in the right seat, doing the role they felt passionate about. By finding the “sweet spot” for everyone on my team, we were able to improve financial processes as well as achieve a higher level of employee engagement. Another prominent aspect of the Controller role focused on Financial Reporting – ensuring we had proper controls in place, modernizing our internal processes, and improving data integrity in our financials published both internally and externally.

Next I transitioned into my second role: Vice President of Finance. Not only was this a title change, but the focus of this role was in the opposite direction. In the Controller Role I was primarily focused on our historical financials, now my role was focused on the Financial, Planning, and Analysis (FP&A) piece of our business to truly influence the financial future of CBE.

Finally we get to my third & current role: CFO. This role itself is changing from a traditional reporting and advisory role to a more strategic focus and becoming a true partner within the organization to drive business strategies both operationally and financially. During the transition into the CFO role, I found that I was able to utilize the knowledge I had built in each of my previous roles (or hats as I like to call them) to help educate and lead the organization into the future.


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