There is No Typical Day in Finance and Accounting

When I sat down to write my blog this month, I had a totally different topic in mind. Then all of a sudden on Friday afternoon I found myself inspired by a conversation with an individual who stopped by my office. We started chatting about a few outstanding projects, and then they made the statement they didn’t know how my team could do their jobs every day because “all of that debit credit stuff is boring!” We laughed and I shared with them – in my past – whenever I met people I wouldn’t tell them I was an Accountant – I would just say I’m in Finance since most people view Accountants as so boring. That led into the conversation of what is even the difference of Finance and Accounting.

The easiest way I can explain it is that accountants look back – analyzing the past, focused on internal controls and making sure everything we do today is correct. Finance, however, is looking forward to see what can we influence and improve for the future. That is why I am lucky to have a diversely trained team – from only trained accounts to financiers. The skills are vastly different, but together they make a phenomenal team.

By the end of the conversation I found myself thinking about the fact of when I left public accounting I was so worried about being bored. Public accounting is so fast paced – you get to visit clients and constantly learn client specifics, industry change, and so much more. However, I can say that in the last three years at CBE, I have not had a single day that I have been bored. That is the product of having no typical day!

Finance and Accounting together might not have a typical day, but I will admit we have typical monthly cycles. We have payroll cycles, payment cycles, client cycles, reporting cycles, and so much more – all with different deadlines and cut offs. During all of those cycles we are balancing audits, RFPS, purchasing, financial analysis, modeling, and operational partnerships.

At the end of the day, there is no typical day in Finance or Accounting. Some people view the function to be so boring – the routine of debits and credits and mundane paperwork. But there is so much more to not only the function but my entire Finance team. Every individual contributes uniquely to the mix to ensure that not only do we manage through today, but we are constantly focused on how we can positively affect the future. Our team touches every area of the organization to help shape the future – which means we are definitely anything but boring. Plus, you should see the pigs on our walls….that is for a future post!

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