When Outsourcing to the Philippines Just Makes Good Business Sense

On May 20 we had the privilege to celebrate our third anniversary of our Philippines operational site. At that time, we shared with you our plans to grow our Philippine offshore presence. As we continue to build CBE’s reputation as an industry leader providing quality solutions to clients and the best customer service to their customers, CBE will strive to provide your business with helpful information that is aimed to increase productivity, improve operations and increase ROI. Today, we would like to focus on the benefits that many businesses experience as they shift their offshore outsourcing needs to the Philippines.

Global outsourcing consultant Tholons noted the Philippines’ lofty perch in the offshore BPO industry in its whitepaper, “2015 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations”. Metro Manila ranked second only to Bangalore, India as the best performing service outsourcing market. Tholons notes the safety of outsourcing to Metro Manila as the proven and familiar service facilities make it an established leader. A balanced offering of cost, scalability, quality and business environment all contribute to the Philippines’ strength in the rankings. As many businesses become more familiar with Asia’s new upcoming star, industry analysts believe that the Philippines will soon overtake India for the number one spot as the world’s offshore outsourcing leader.

This SlideShare will present several reasons why many businesses give preference to the Philippines for their offshore outsourcing needs.



The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands with 182 native dialects and two major languages: Filipino and English. The Filipino people are well known for their hospitality and their customer service skills. It is the work ethic, the importance they place on education and the low cost of living that makes the Philippines an optimal location for Business Process Outsourcing. One more important factor, most Filipinos speak, write and read English proficiently. This country, which was once under the wing of America, has retained the language and made it a part of their everyday and professional lives.


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