Customer Service Culture + Filipino Culture = Win-Win

Customer Service is an integral part of what we do every day. Unique to CBE is that it also is who we are. The most vital asset of any company is its customers. Without them, we could not and would not stay in business. Satisfied customers are loyal, returning customers that will also refer future potential customers. For us, we place extra added value to every interaction that we have with our external customers but we also value our internal customers, our employees. We treat each employee as a valued family member instead of just another nameless employee.

Then enters the Philippines, one is welcomed to this country by warm smiles and vivacious people. Getting to know the Filipinos is easy enough. They are very hospitable and very friendly. They are more than happy to make one’s acquaintance in English. Even if you don’t, the Filipino is so outgoing by nature that making friends out of total strangers or chance acquaintances is simply being in character. The Filipinos are a happy blend of several races. Their values and ways of life were shaped by several, and sometimes conflicting, cultures. The resulting blend is what makes their own uniquely Filipino way.

Combine the CBE customer service culture with the Filipino culture and one ends up with a savory blend that appeals to anyone needing any type of service. There are some key ingredients to very good customer service. Things such as making people feel important and valued, being a good listener, actively listening, understanding the situation, willingness to please and ultimately find a solution. Here in the CBE, Philippines facility, we do exactly that with our employees. Their values and culture coalesce and mesh in a mutually supportive system with CBE culture.

We simply strive to provide the type of service that anyone of us would expect. We want to make the experience unique, valuable, and a memorable one.


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