Risk Overcome by Strategic Partnerships

Traditional views of outsourcing partnerships revolved around reduced risk through spreading work around to a number of vendors. The approach minimized risk of inflation on the part of the vendor and encouraged competition in price, technology and processes.

In today’s marketplace companies need strong, dependable strategic partners. An outsourcer now needs to rely on their outsourcing partners as protectors of their brand, compliance agents and visionary teammates.

The key to successful partnerships lies in creating clear objectives that address the business outcomes you wish to attain. Follow them up with performance expectations aligned with the outcomes and a clear set of measurements that allow both partners to feel like they’re rowing in the same direction.

A Vested article describes trust as a vital ingredient for organizations to feel good about investing value in innovation and creation, which are needed for success. When you trust a business partner, you can focus your energy in other important areas.

Are you rowing in the same direction with your outsourcing partner? If not, what types of challenges are you experiencing? Contact us and let’s chat!

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