Home Again (to the Philippines)

It has been roughly two months since I returned to the Philippines and our Manila office. We arrived June 3, after our flight took us from Cedar Rapids through Minneapolis and Tokyo before arriving in Manila, Mary Philips had a great description of the 25+ hour flight in her blog a few weeks back.

Being back in Manila has been eventful — I was able to break the ice with the people who have joined our team within the last year while I was in the US, and reconnected with the team that has been at this office for some time. Several Filipino jokes (learned from my father-in-law) were thrown here and there and I must say that it was a big hit coming from a foreigner.

On the home front the transition has taken a couple of weeks. Murphy’s Law decided to show up in the way of the appliances at our condo not functioning properly. Cold showers, a stove with no heat, an air-conditioner that worked sometimes and a washing machine breaking down mid cycle … full of water. All temporary, and part of the moving experience. Our balikbayan (shipping) boxes arrived a few days ago and it has been great to finally have our place fully moved in.

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is an incredible city to live in and the rapid growth is very apparent. Just within the last year there are so many new restaurants, shopping areas and office buildings. New places are opening constantly and it’s very obvious that this is THE destination commercially and residentially in Metro Manila. Through the growth it has maintained its own unique BGC culture, definitely worth checking out.  Stop by our office and we’ll give you a tour!

Overall, we are proud of the successes we’ve made this first half of 2016, yet are aware that we still have plenty of opportunities to improve on (who doesn’t?) moving forward.

It’s great to be back home.

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