3 Keys to Successful Outsourcing Partnerships

If you want to ensure success with your outsourcing programs, be sure to read more below.

Partnership Engagement. It all starts with a strong relationship between partners. We have found that in the most successful outsourcing programs, each partner holds these three things near and dear to their hearts:

1. Values. Aligned values of each partner seamlessly helps the two mold together. This is absolutely crucial to the foundation of a successful outsourcing engagement, especially in my position here at CBE, as a Client Development Executive. I’m looking for companies to partner with us that truly mirror our values and culture that we have worked so hard to grow over the past 80 years in the credit, collections and customer care space.

2. Communication. I’m talking deeper than just daily general communication, as that is just table stakes. Getting to know who oversees what during start-up is extremely imperative, and I can’t stress enough importance on this. This allows both sides to start building a solid relationship and a transparent, open line of communication from day one of the new opportunity. Continuing down the road of long term partners, both parties are able to openly discuss what is going right, wrong, and how they are able to come together to fix what doesn’t work.

3. Win/Win. Overall, you want a partnership that truly wishes the best for each other, which should include the bottom line both ways. What starts to set CBE apart from others, is the fact that we value and strive for a WIN/WIN partnership.


These three things are the foundation of a successful, long lasting and profitable outsourcing relationship. Partners that both succeed, while making money, having their values aligned, and have an open line of communication are nothing short of 100% engaged.

I’d love to engage with you if your company shares the same thought process. Contact me at 319.226.1977 and let’s chat!

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