How to Create Successful, Productive and Happy Teams

Successful. Productive. And Happy.

Sometimes aligning all of these three things can be hard. But it can be done.

Here are my five strategies for creating successful, productive and happy teams. I use this daily with my team, as well as for myself.

  1. Trust – build trust so people are confident and comfortable with taking risks, expressing opinions, etc. I specifically talk about trust, positivity and supportive understanding at staff one on ones and team meetings. I take every opportunity to celebrate individual strengths and accomplishments within my teams. I want employees to enjoy coming to work and truly want to be here. The more we hear it and experience these behaviors, the more we ALL trust one another.
  2. Accountability – “Do what you say you will do” – When we all do what we say we will do and hold each other accountable, it becomes habit and builds trust.
  3. Clear communication (and lots of it) – to provide structure and clarity, which builds trust. We need to plan our work and understand that there are always going to be hurdles and unforeseen priority changes. Clear and consistent communication helps keep us on track and preserves sanity.
  4. Ownership – When teams believe their work is very important because they feel like they own it, productivity, quality, satisfaction and trust improve.
  5. Passion – When a team has collective passion and a belief that the work has impact and importance, it results in teams taking more ownership, communicating more, being more accountable and trusting one another.

The common thread is trust. The most important factors for any leader in building a team are consistency, patience and persistence in the practice of the above. This can’t be accomplished overnight. Mistakes and missteps must be considered as opportunities to learn, reinforce, and reset rather than cause fear, confusion and self-doubt. I also ask my team members to set good examples for others through being thought leaders, mentors and having awareness of their own behavior and how it might be perceived by others.

Having said all of that, I am extremely fortunate to have a team here at CBE that gets it. Of course if I get lax in practicing my strategies, my team could go backwards quickly so I keep plugging away to improve myself as well as the team.

I’ll bet you can tell this hits a chord with me. I have a lot of passion about team building, mentoring, and doing whatever I can to help make people better and achieve.

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