Empowerment: Says Easy, Does Hard

Empowering others — I think I drew the short straw on getting to write about empowerment. I think empowerment is one of those words that people love to use but really don’t put into practice. Says easy, does hard. 

Merriam Webster defines Empower as this:






Authority. Power.  Permit.  Allow.  Enable.

I would add “LET GO.”

Let’s be honest. When is the last time you asked someone to do something and it ended up differently from what you thought it should.  Perhaps you mused, (to yourself), “I should have done this myself.”  Or said out loud, “This is good, but …” or “Hmm, maybe I wasn’t clear …”

Empowerment. What a hard word. It’s one word with a whole bunch of attributes.  The person who is empowering someone has to trust that the person can and will meet their expectations.  The “empowered” person has to make sure they are clear and follow through on the expectations.  Both have tough jobs.  The common thread between the two parties?  Clarity, Trust and Communication.  Over and over again.

Oh and a lesson for those who are trying to empower others?








One last point. Things usually, almost always, NEVER go as planned.  My nugget for you which has been a lifesaver for me time and time again is this:  You will never get a second chance at a first response.  Don’t blow it.






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