How Intentional Quality Pays Off

CBE’s Dan Rohrs and Bedard Law Group’s John Bedard, Jr. will be presenting at ACA International Convention & Expo on Friday,  June 17 in Denver. They will be speaking on the topic of how intentional quality pays off.

Dan Rohrs _WEB

CBE’s Dan Rohrs, Director, Compliance Officer and Counsel

In today’s complex and even more highly regulated collections environment, CBE custom-built its QA process to ensure both external and internal expectations of its operations are met.

This session will focus on intentional process and its top-down approach, as well as the technology that is integrated throughout the process. See how CBE successfully mitigates risk, continuously improves its operations and customer experience for consumers, as well as manages cost efficiency with its captive, off-shore model.

Are you attending the Convention & Expo? If so, connect with Dan at the event and talk quality!


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