How to Fill Your Bench with a Talented Workforce

As a company grows, management must focus on building a skilled and talented workforce. An integral part of leading any company lies in focusing not only on today, but in laying the groundwork for who will lead the organization into the future. Effective succession planning will help identify possible risks by determining which key positions will need to be filled by qualified, skilled potential leaders in the future.

A 9-Box Performance model helps our leaders to calibrate and arrive at a shared agreement on talent expectations while building shared ownership for personnel development across the organization.

From the article “8 Reasons to Use the Nine-Box Matrix for Succession Planning and Development”, here are reasons why a 9-box performance model provides a solid framework for succession planning:

  1. It’s simple and effective.
  2. It is free and not proprietary.
  3. It serves as a catalyst for robust dialog.
  4. It provides a framework and structure.
  5. Helps calibrate criteria and expectations.
  6. It’s more accurate than one person’s opinion.
  7. Facilitates shared ownership and teamwork.
  8. It’s a diagnostic tool for development.

Is your bench filled with a talented workforce?


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