Pink Hair Don’t Care: Be Yourself No Matter Your Role

I’m not your average B2B outsourcing sales person. I’m a girl, in my 30s, and have a large family of four boys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Tom boy when it comes right down to it. I love muscle cars (especially my yellow 71 Mach 1 Mustang), hunting and playing catch with the boys. You better believe it though; my nails are always done, my make-up is always just right, and my hair is always rocking a trendy cut and color, of which pink has definitely been one!

My career at CBE started right at the pivotal point in the company’s history. We grew rapidly as I started as a collector in 2004, which gave me an opportunity to showcase my management skills moving up quickly to a supervisor role within a year of my employment. I was young and naive when I first started my journey here.  I was focused on driving numbers and relationships based on fear.  For the first few years, my nickname became “boot camp.” After settling down and starting a family, I started to become more grounded and started to understand people.  Crazy how they weren’t just a number, but each of them actually had their own personalities, likes/dislikes and families outside of these walls. I ended up bouncing around from team to team and department to department over the years.  I worked it all from Student loans, to Telecom, to Financial Services.  I had a short stay as a Trainer, but my love was in Operations and driving performance.

Years after being in management I was given the opportunity to take a StrengthsFinder test, as well as having one on one meetings with members of our Organizational Development Team on how to not only utilize my own strengths, but also how to capitalize on the strengths of my peers and team.  This truly opened my eyes to a whole new world.  I had one strength that continued to come through as my tenure grew with CBE: command. As in all strengths, my command strength can be a double-edged sword.  I had to learn how to use this strength as a positive to help drive and motivate, not to cripple the team.

About three years ago, I was promoted to Site Manager of our Financial Services area and then moved to a new project that was quickly launching in our first party unit. These two areas were vastly different and stretched me considerably.  Then one day in July 2015 I was approached about an upcoming opportunity where I was able to put my strengths and drive to the real test, becoming a Client Development Executive. That’s right, a sales person.

My career moved from being a member of management over 60+ individuals, supervisors, team captains and agents to…managing myself in a professional role. Shell shocked, you bet.  This new role has given me an opportunity that some only dream of. I get to talk to strangers (which I like).  I get to push myself and hold myself accountable to my own internal goals and guide transformational accounts in the door right from the front seat.  Has it been difficult and stressful? Of course. Would I change the family that I have gained from this move? Nope. They accept me for me and push me to be better than I was yesterday. They accept my crazy (and occasional pink) hair and expect nothing less!


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