A Tale of Pursuing a Passion

I am thrilled to highlight Jeff Stewart in our road to promotion series. Jeff has been with CBE for over a decade. The road he has traveled ultimately led him to a new position in which he was hand-picked to fill. His experience within CBE, as well as his passion for strategy and analytics and constant drive to grow professionally, did not go unnoticed in our talent pipeline. When the need arose, Jeff was ready to answer the call.

We interviewed Jeff and this is what he had to say:

Jeff Stewart

Why do you stay at CBE?

I enjoy the ever-changing atmosphere while working for a stable company. I have had many opportunities to showcase my different strengths at CBE. I am always encouraged to grow professionally and mentor those around me to do the same.

Why did you join CBE? 

I joined CBE because one of my best friends, Chris Giselson worked in Finance. He recommended it as a growing business with great upward potential.

What have you learned while working at CBE?

I have learned that there are many roads you can take to a destination. Through collaboration and putting the right people in each seat on the bus, CBE is transfixed on a specific destination and taking a positive course to get there.

Where do you see the company going over the next five years? What is your role in getting there?

I see CBE remaining strong in the 3rd party debt collections space and expanding its reach in the Government portfolios. I see CBE moving more into the information space with LocateSmarter. LocateSmarter is just getting off the ground and has the potential to be the main driver of revenue for CBE in the next few years.

My role is to provide the best support and proactive recommendations to the operational leaders regarding dialer, reporting and business process.

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