5 Reasons to Visit Bonifacio Global City during Your Next Philippines Trip

Why do we love visiting our Philippines office? Aside from our amazing, extended CBE family that gives us the warmest welcomes, we absolutely love Bonifacio Global City (BGC), where our office is located. BGC is the “Home of Passionate Minds” and is one of the fastest growing, beautiful cities in the Metro Manila area. Modern skyscrapers and residences, along with green parks and tidy streets, attest to its claim as an urban wonder.

When you plan your next (or first) trip to the Philippines, visiting BGC (or the Fort, as it is also called) is a must. Here are our top five reasons why.

1. Rich in history. BGC was once part of a multi-hectare portion of Taguig that the US government acquired in 1902 and operated as a military base. In 1957, it was made the permanent headquarters of the Philippine Army and renamed Fort Bonifacio after Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution against Spain.

In the 1990s approximately 240-hectares of Fort Bonifacio was turned over to facilitate the conversion of former US military bases and Metro Manila camps into productive civilian use. By 2003, a partnership helped shape and develop the city – an area once synonymous with war and aggression – into the amiable, nurturing, world-class business and residential center it is today.

The city even has secret tunnels!

2. You won’t go hungry. The variety and quality of restaurants in the Fort is unbelievable. You can explore local favorites such as Abe and Café Juanita. Or, if you are missing food from home, there is a TGI Friday’s, Wendy’s, Starbucks and even a Baskin Robbins.

3. High Street. Hanging out on High Street is upscale big city living at its finest with a very Western feel to it. Luxury shops with well-known brands, art walks, parks, events and food (of course) all abound on High Street.

4. Safety. Ensuring your safety while traveling overseas is very important. You can jog or walk around the city even at night. The streets are well-lit, the roads are wide and there are many establishments open after hours. BGC is also one of the flood-free areas of Metro Manila.

5. Hub of Metro Manila. BGC is strategically located near every major city in Metro Manila. Getting to/from the airport is simple. Also, key destinations like Taguig, Makati, Muntinlupa City and Pasig are all easy to visit while staying in the Fort.

We’d love to meet you and give you a tour of our site if you make it to BGC! Happy (and safe) travels!

Any questions, regarding outsourcing to the Philippines? Contact us today.

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