14 Reasons Why You Should Recommend a Call Center Job to the Graduate

Soon the caps and gowns will be coming out of storage and a huge crop of students will take that next step into adulthood.

So now what? There are “now hiring” signs everywhere…fast food restaurants, retail stores, construction, convenience stores, grocery stores etc. etc. etc.  BUT…here’s 14 reasons why you should think seriously about the “now hiring” signs at a call center.

  1. It’s a job that offers a variety of shifts that work perfectly with a school schedule
  2. It’s a job that develops customer interaction and customer service skills, which are invaluable in any field you are pursuing
  3. It’s a job that improves and develops vital communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills
  4. It’s a job that teaches how to think on your feet for the best response and solution to give a customer
  5. It’s a job that allows you to talk to a diverse range of people
  6. It’s a job that improves teamwork skills as you mentor newer colleagues out of training
  7. It’s a job that opens the door for growth opportunities within the company
  8. It’s a job that offers rapid advancement opportunities into leadership roles
  9. It’s a job that offers several options for departmental movement, such as QA or Training
  10. It’s a job that offers incentives to make more than just a base wage
  11. It’s a job that does not always require a four-year degree
  12. It’s a job that offers a casual and fun work atmosphere
  13. It’s a job that provides experience working in a corporate environment
  14. It’s a job….that can lead to a career!

If interested in a position, apply at CBEjobs.com.


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