Got Purpose? Part 3 of 3

We’ve talked about change and how our company doesn’t look the same as it used to in Part 1 of this series and why we have created a new Vision and Purpose in Part 2. Now, let’s talk about how we marry the two.

For the CBE culture, we developed a Culture Code that guides our vision and empowers decision making across the organization. CBE’s vision and the foundation of our culture is the same at all locations. And, we all use the same code to unlock it: 1-3-5-7. In other words, we all use and understand the same code… we just enter through different doors; whether that be Cedar Falls or Waterloo Iowa, New Braunfels, Texas or in our Philippines office.

Here what makes up our Culture Code:

1 – Purpose

CBE’s Purpose is making lives better one call at a time, by connecting people to solutions.

3 – Perspectives

The 3 Perspectives are for Employees, Clients and Consumers.

5 – Core Values

Our Core Values have been the same for many decades and still guide us every day.

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect
  4. Innovation
  5. Continuous Improvement

7 – Habits                                                                                    

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People are a very important component of our Culture Code. Every employee is trained to learn and embrace these both professionally and personally.

Each part of our code works together day in and day out to meet the goals and premier experience with our brand that our clients, consumers and employees expect.

While we work to be sure that everyone at each site knows and understands the code, we always embrace the unique, diverse and creative tendencies between offices — just as long as the cornerstones of CBE’s foundation go unchanged.

Let me paint the picture in a different way.

Once upon a time, there was a family that lived in Anytown, U.S.A. It was a great little city, quite neighborly and was growing by leaps and bounds.  As Anytown grew and grew, lots of change occurred.  Some good, some not so good, but that’s life.  One of the staples of Anytown, was the little ice cream shop known as Lickety Split.  Other ice cream shops had come and gone, offering new products, quicker, cheaper, with slick adverting and deals of the day.  Lickety Split saw a loss in guests and revenue in the beginning.  Lickety Split stayed the course, determined to remain true to their Vision and Purpose. Over time, customers came back, and business grew.  It was known throughout the land how good Lickety Split was.  As Lickety Split’s popularity exploded, and the demand for quality ice cream and customer service increased, the little company decided to expand.  What was interesting was in different markets some did better with Gummy Bears as toppings, some did better with fresh fruit, others, nuts, others sprinkles…although each store had its own “flavor,” the foundation was the same:  the Vision and Purpose, and the “code” – the ice cream.  It’s what wins, and builds loyalty.

And that is the vision we want to build our brand on. A Culture Code that delivers value, not the lowest price bargain.

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