When Change Happens Fast

In my almost 24 years of call center management, both insourced and outsourced, I have experienced a lot of lessons learned. The two things that consistently stand out the most are that 1) change happens … always and 2) it usually happens fast. That is why I have a passion for the call center industry.

To me, the Big “C” (or change) is otherwise known as Agility. A-gil-i-ty.


Ability to move quickly and easily

Ability to think and understand quickly

Agility is a requirement in outsourcing partnerships. At CBE, we made agility a part of our operational DNA in our first party collections and fraud operational culture. We must be ready to respond to our partners’ needs and business changes at a moment’s notice. CBE operational and support teams are structured to adapt quickly and our systems and processes are built to allow flexibility and agility so we can change course as necessary.

For example, our dedicated Organizational Development Department works with each employee to make sure they are able to handle change. This helps us avoid breakdown when we’re moving quickly as we respond to our partners’ ever-changing and demanding business needs.

How does your current partner handle change? Are they equipped and ready for change at a moment’s notice?

Click here for more resources on outsourcing partnerships!

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