One Thing You Must Know as a Company Leader!

Are you ready to find out the one thing you must know as a company leader?

Quote Post_LeaderToday many businesses struggle with accountability, responsibility, morale and engagement within their work force. As leaders continue to focus on the many important aspects of their organization, for the most part, these important challenges go unnoticed or put aside to be addressed at a later time. And often these needs remain unaddressed.

As a manager or company leader, you may think that the key to improved productivity is through giving orders and letting your team “think their way to leadership” which would improve accountability, responsibility and morale.  According to L. David Marquet, author of “Turn the Ship Around!” the solution is not to order but rather, to encourage employees to “act their way to leadership.” So when you have the end in mind ask your team what they “intend” to do to see that becomes a reality rather than giving orders.

The ability to turn followers into leaders is key, not only in building productivity, but also in shaping people to become confident in their decision making abilities. That, in turn, will lead them to take on bigger leadership roles.

What is your philosophy when it comes to turning followers into leaders? View a recent blog post of my past experience after I read the book by L. David Marquet, “Turn the Ship Around!”

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