A Customer Touch Point That’s Easy to Miss in Brand Reputation Management

They say in business, “your corporate reputation precedes you.” Some may go as far as to say that corporate image means everything and that your company’s reputation is determined by the level of your accomplishments. Successful companies know that trust and reputation are two important components that drive people to purchase and remain loyal to their brand. Actions by company representatives whether good or bad, speak volumes to your customers!

In the world of outsourcing, BPO providers who service their client’s customers, whether it be self-pay recovery, fraud prevention or customer care, act on behalf of the client….you. When your customers’ needs are being serviced by your BPO, customers will base future business purchases and loyalty on the customer experience created by your BPO – whether good or bad. With so many competitors that are just a smart device touch away, a BPO’s ability to maintain a client’s positive brand through reputation management is crucial in leveraging the client’s image.

Customer care agents are often the only human interaction that your customers have with your brand. During a three minute phone call the experience they create for your customer can make-or break that relationship. Satisfied customers often lead to referrals, up-sells and great lifetime value. Keeping this in mind, outsourced customer care agents need to operate as a true extension of your business and integrate your culture into its own, so that your customers receive the quality service they have come to expect from your brand. Be sure your BPO providers incorporates the proper training to its customer care agents .

 “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” –Richard Branson

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