Moving Forward in 2016 (and Beyond)

Our Executive Team recently rolled out new strategic imperatives to help our organization move forward in 2016 (and beyond). A business imperative is a major change or goal crucial to the success of the company. Our company promises to deliver on those imperatives as they form the cornerstones of our fortunes going forward. This type of planning helps businesses better manage both current and future projects.

We communicate to our employees the details of each imperative, including action plans, goals, metrics and how we all play an important role in our collective achievement of each imperative. This year CBE has four business imperatives.

Last year, when I posted the blog Business Imperatives: Bedrock for Success I discussed how failure is not an option when it comes to imperatives. CBE’s imperatives are a high priority and it requires our entire team to be laser focused to ensure those imperatives are met. Don’t get me wrong, there are constantly things that come up that are important, but we have to remember to be strategic and prioritize.

Does your company have strategic imperatives? If so, how does your team distinguish between goals and imperatives? Please share your comments.


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