Ramp to Performance Makes Good Practice!

Overcoming inertia is never an easy step. Companies often feel they aren’t getting all they can out of their outsourced business processes, but fear the cost of change to new partners may make a move more difficult than it’s worth. Potential rewards of switching to a new partner could result in better performance on KPIs or business-changing innovation, but those possibilities are difficult to measure. A vendor manager knows a dip in performance comes with consequences.

This is where a quality and efficient ramp process comes into play. Focusing and understanding the importance of the “Ramp to Performance” process and its role in maintaining a high-level of customer service for your business and your customers will assist in improving; First Call Resolution, CSAT to Sales Conversion and Dollars Collected. The speed at which a partner achieves expected performance leads to an opportunity cost… which in the end, can lead to strengthening your businesses future state!

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