Infographic: 5 Outsourcing Trends to Watch in 2016

We are constantly identifying what is top of mind for our client so we know where to focus as we plan for the next 12 months and beyond.

As such, in our strategic planning sessions we’ve boiled down the many
outsourcing trends to watch in 2016 to our top five:Print


1.  Client Satisfaction
Client Satisfaction is always at the forefront of the relationship. This is something that will never change.

2.  Outsourcing is now part of a broader management capability; it is not a standalone profession
Outsourcing is the ability to improve outcomes, processes and performances. The end in mind is to improve efficiencies and processes with utilizing other resources.

3.  Security takes center stage
Security is interwoven throughout the entire company from when you pick up a phone, to the door you walk through and the visitors that enter the building. There needs to be processes in place to ensure safety and security at all times.

4.  Automation
With the years to come, we will continue to see more innovations in the BPO industry.

5.  Design Thinking is a real, tangible practice that can bring together common outcomes and support co-innovation activities across buyers and providers
A true partnership is knowing the needs of both parties and making it a win-win partnership. A successful partnership can be attributed to engagement and transparency.


What outsourcing trend resonates with you or your company in 2016?


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