A Tale of Wholehearted Acceptance

We are continuing to tell the amazing stories of CBE employees and the road they’ve traveled as they’ve been with our company. Today’s story is about Stephanie Perry, who has been at CBE for 11 years. Stephanie has worn many hats and recently settled into a new Client Development Executive role. Her decade of experience in Operations prepared her for this exciting client-facing role.

It is kind of crazy how a workplace becomes so much a part of our lives. We sometimes spend more time with our coworkers than our own families…and our coworkers become like family. They know what our kids are involved with, if they won the latest sports competition, what is concerning us at home, our highs, lows and our quirks. Stephanie has been in the Sales and Marketing area for a short time and the team already feels this way about her. She brings a spark to the culture every day. Here’s her story.

Stephanie Perry_Career Path-01

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