100 Words of Wisdom to Celebrate our 100th Post!

It’s our 100th blog post. Yep, that’s right – one hundred! To celebrate, we will post 100 words of wisdom from our 99 blog posts.

  1. It takes a little while to turn a large vessel
  2. Crawl, walk, run
  3. Patience is a virtue. Still.
  4. Keep it real, ya’ll
  5. No one cares about us
  6. It is truly the little things that make all the difference in a customer’s experience with your brand
  7. You have the ability to make your customers speechless
  8. When management gets better, everyone wins
  9. People want a voice and to be heard
  10. The differentiating factor behind how people respond to change is whether they understand the why behind it and if they feel like they have some control or choice over the situation
  11. A transparent partnership creates the foundation for success
  12. An excellent cultural fit between two companies will reduce miscommunications, add efficiency and reduce turnover
  13. If we don’t take care of our customer, someone else will
  14. Know what your employees are passionate about outside of work
  15. Being personal does not mean being fake
  16. Put your ego aside and admit when you make a mistake. Because we all do.
  17. The highest return comes back in your currency when you pay others in theirs
  18. Those who have the most influence over others are those that realize it’s not about them
  19. When you do the research to truly understand your customers and how your product or service makes their life better, and you can articulate it in their language, that’s when revenue grows
  20. Remember that your customers, whoever they may be – those who purchase your products/services, employees, coworkers, shareholders, board members – are all people
  21. Put your needs second and any interaction goes a long way
  22. A personal touch in your customer’s experience will make a difference in employees and customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, business performance metrics and, ultimately, the bottom line
  23. Know what makes someone tick, what is important to them, come from where they are, be most honest…and you’ll surprise beyond belief
  24. Customer service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude
  25. Customer service does not look the same for anyone and it is definitely not a one size fits all
  26. Getting the right leaders in place is the most important tactical move you’ll make
  27. The three secret ingredients to a good hire are (in this order): character, competency and chemistry
  28. Happy employees = happy customers
  29. Giving back matters
  30. Given the same position at two different companies, employees tell us they are more engaged at a company that gives the opportunity to make a difference and provide to a greater cause
  31. The more pride, power and insecurity one has or needs the less he or she will be willing to empower others
  32. When the leader gets better, everyone wins
  33. To create a culture of empowerment you must: be willing to accept influence, give grace and think win/win
  34. Give and take
  35. When both sides experience a win, trust is built and hope shines through; both of which are critical in any successful organization
  36. By showing grace, you are able to celebrate the wins and losses, success and failures
  37. The truth is usually in the middle
  38. With the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, the people will say, “we have done this ourselves”
  39. A lesson that doesn’t kill you is a lesson learned
  40. Allow others to help you
  41. Smile
  42. Improvise
  43. Let rumors roll off your back
  44. Always sport your flair
  45. How do you know when you win? By keeping score.
  46. If you want to see value creation, keep score on key metrics and follow the progression forward
  47. Everyone has a story. You never know what is underneath the surface.
  48. Teach, don’t tell is a key to growth
  49. A company in growth mode needs a reliable, growing pipeline of leaders
  50. An organization that grooms problem solvers – from the mail room to the board room – will stand poised and ready for each new challenge
  51. The rewards of teaching pay off in managers who are truly seen as leaders and in organizations that have the bench strength to be able to handle larger and more complex business issues
  52. If we look for the bad, or the unfair, or the pain, we will find it
  53. If we look for the good, the joy and the hope, we will find it
  54. Choose to be thankful
  55. Trust that things usually work out
  56. Life doesn’t go the way we want it to, it never has and it never will
  57. Clients and spouses actually have a lot in common
  58. Always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
  59. Be kind
  60. Never say something you may regret
  61. Pick your battles
  62. Do what you say you’re going to do
  63. Don’t strive for perfection – make 80% just good enough for progress
  64. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it
  65. It’s good to be uncomfortable
  66. Choose to spread light. You may be the hope someone needs.
  67. With every ending there is a beginning
  68. The journey is the destination
  69. Hold yourself more accountable than you do others
  70. Building a great team comes from spotting talent and making it work for you
  71. Everyday spend a couple of minutes learning about a colleague
  72. Good compliance programs are premised on tasks and check lists. Great compliance programs are premised on culture.
  73. Don’t be afraid of change
  74. As people we are wired with the need to wake up every morning and live with a purpose
  75. Employees today are looking for much more than just a job from their employers
  76. Top levels of leadership must be present
  77. The most intimate connection you can make with someone in a business context is laughter
  78. Transactions are not relationships
  79. Tell a story that’s bigger than you
  80. ROI = risk of ignoring
  81. Innovation without purpose is a waste of time
  82. If you can’t feel it, it’s wrong
  83. Spend time with your customers, especially in periods of transition
  84. Let your people do the talking
  85. Outsourcing partnerships must be more flexible
  86. Strong leaders require a solid foundation of strong followers
  87. No matter what business you are in, fans (customers) just want you to be authentic
  88. Over time we’ve discovered the real question becomes “Do we have the right partnerships?”
  89. Make it easy for customers to communicate with you
  90. Pick up the phone
  91. Commit to developing internal talent and monitoring their progress
  92. Partnerships built for the long haul require transparency, proof, and most importantly, commitment to your business goals
  93. Fix the environment, not the people
  94. There are things we have control over, and things we don’t. Take charge of the things you can and let go of the others.
  95. You must earn the right to do business with your customers
  96. If you pour into your customers and their satisfaction and delight, it will lead to the success of your business
  97. As our company grows, we must grow
  98. Hope without action is only a wish
  99. No one is more valued than someone else, we just bring different gifts to the party
  100. Don’t compromise your values

A big thank you to our readers and followers! We hope you have enjoyed the last 100 posts and we look forward to the next 100!

Please comment with your favorite blog post or words of wisdom.


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