Following the right path…to Outsourcing Success!

When discussing the topic of offshoring, many companies struggle with deciding if outsourcing offshore is really the right solution for their business. There are many factors both positive and negative that can affect the overall outcome that a business may experience when offshore outsourcing. In “10 Steps to Outsourcing Success,” David Bromlow explains “the inherent risks in an unsuccessful offshore project can compromise the anticipated benefits. How do you minimize those risks? First, don’t expect miracles at the beginning, and second, make an informed decision.”

Partnering with a company that works as an engaged partner to drive solutions for your priority issues is important to the success of your offshore strategy. Bromlow explains that whether a company is just starting an offshore strategy or is looking to improve on their existing offshore solution, they need a process that reduces risks and increases the chance of success.

Here are five of the most relevant tips to assist in getting your offshore outsourcing program on to the right path.



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