9-Box Your Talent for Ultimate Succession Planning (A recipe for success!)

It seems like yesterday we welcomed in the New Year, and now we are only four weeks away from 2016! As time moves on, it’s easy for us to put off important matters and, as we all know, unexpected changes can occur quickly within an organization. Nobody wants to find their business unprepared for a sudden, unexpected change in leadership which could affect the stability of their company. This month’s CBE Outsourcing Connection newsletter will revisit the focus on succession planning, only this time, from a 9- box perspective.

Did you know that a whopping 60 percent of C-Level respondents said their companies do not have a formalized succession plan in place? And, almost two-thirds of large U.S. companies do not have a formalized succession plan in place. We are in the midst of transformational times that will separate the weak from the strong, so now is the time to ensure you are ahead of your competition and can give your customers an unmatched, un-interrupted customer experience every time they encounter your brand.  This comes from relentlessly developing, engaging and tracking your talent.

What is a talent management 9-Box?
Well, it encourages senior leaders to have meaningful discussions around talent. The 9-box process helps you to calibrate and arrive at a shared agreement on talent expectations and evaluations while building shared ownership for development of people across the entire organization. Stay tuned for more details, as we will dig into the process further in an upcoming post!

For leaders entrusted with an organization’s future, it is sometimes challenging to focus on being proactive and working on the business vs. in the business. At CBE, we spend a great deal of time envisioning the company next week, next year and five years down the road. By implementing a well-developed succession and talent management plan, we ensure a talent pipeline full of qualified people to keep our company prepared for the ever-changing needs of its clients, growth and the unknowns that will undoubtedly come our way. Combine this with solid internal and external communication, empowerment and authenticity and you create a recipe for succession success that will agree with anyone’s taste!


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