IT Support, Services and Solutions….Making the World Smaller!

In September 2015, our help desk team in the Manila office began their journey providing support for our internal/external customers at CBE. This is a huge milestone for CBE as we develop our support structure while we continue to grow throughout the rest of the organization. The vision for the technical services staff is to collaborate across the globe (no matter the location) so that we provide efficient and effective support for our customers. The flexibility and scalability to augment our support structure is proving to be a great benefit as we integrate our domestic and international teams. We are finding that as we continue to collaborate each and every day, we are also shrinking the world. Another benefit of providing excellent support in our Manila office while being cost-effective promotes for a sustainable future for our employees. Our ability to provide support 24/7/365 provides growth opportunities for staff in our Manila office and flexibility for our staff in our Cedar Falls office to focus on other tasks and projects.

With any transition, there are obstacles we must overcome. Some of the hurdles include various client security requirements, face-to-face training across the globe, and phone monitoring for quality assurance and training purposes. Each area of the organization has different requirements and we evaluate each area individually to best fit their needs while staying in compliance. From a support perspective, we’ve taken advantage of various technologies to help us turn these challenges into a success. We’ve utilized web conferencing, screen sharing for training, and made investments in tools that will provide feedback to our teams to continuously get better when on the phone. Like many businesses, we realize there are challenges and sometimes mistakes are made along the way, but we always learn. Through these learning experiences we will get better. It’s an exciting time as we begin to expand our global footprint across the world. Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide the best customer service possible!


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