How CBE increased United Way giving by 24% in 30 days

Every year in November, I set aside some time to review how we ended our Company’s annual United Way campaign in October. I am always humbled, grateful and so very proud of how our employees step forward each and every year and give their money for such a worthy cause. The numbers this year were especially heartwarming with our final amounts totaling over $90,800. WOW….our employees did it again!

unitedway committee
CBE’s United Way campaign starts with a selection of co-chairs for each of our offices that agree to take on the job of spearheading the campaign. These co-chairs put in so much time and effort, take on the responsibility of getting over 1500 employees motivated to donate to the campaign and are dedicated in hitting the corporate goals that we set each year. The co-chairs meet, synergize and brainstorm on what activities to plan for the month; then open it up for people to volunteer on the committee to assist in running the events throughout our October campaign. I am always so appreciative of all the work the co-chairs and the committee does!

This year’s campaign had us eating….eating a lot! We had walking tacos, chili, pancakes, pizza, a potato bar, bake sales, candy bars, barbeque and a let’s not forget the dumdot suckers! Our Kansas City office did balloon darts to win food, drinks and gift cards and an auction for KC Royals and Chiefs tickets – COOL! Our Texas office did Spooky Week where you could dress up like your favorite super hero or sports team. Our Iowa offices had fun paying to wear ball caps and shorts, some great baskets were donated that were auctioned off and a BookFair. Of course payroll deduction donations are encouraged, and in the end, to think that over $90,000 was raised for the 2016 campaign is truly AMAZING!

As we look towards Thanksgiving, I am very thankful to work with a company and such generous people, willing and enthusiastic to help those in need.


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