Partnership Engagement Model

Last year, I was honored to speak at InsideARM’s inaugural First Party Outsourcing Summit. Teaming with a colleague partner, we presented on the importance of engagement between partners to a successful launch of a new outsourcing relationship.

At CBE, we’ve built our first-party business on the guiding principles of engagement, agility and transparency. All three components work best when they’re incorporated into planning for the kickoff of a new partnership.

Much of our success in a recent partnership can be attributed to that engagement and transparency leading up to kickoff. A cultural immersion session, where we send a cross-section of CBE employees to the client facility to soak in the culture and processes, always proves priceless when it comes to meeting client needs on a new piece of business.

Both sides of the partnership need to work on proactive cultural alignment prior to the start of work. Some key components of that alignment include:

  • Sharing and understanding the strategy and work flow process.
  • Assessing the talent pool available to build strong leadership and support teams.
  • Investing in the previously mentioned operational and cultural immersion.

With all that preliminary investment and work complete, it’s time to execute. The groundwork in place makes the execution phase much more likely to succeed.

Following the presentation, I received feedback from one of the audience members affirming our partnership approach: “I could see the comradery and the power of partnership coming through in your discussion. You could see and feel your passion on the importance of partnership.”


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