What Every Executive Should Know About Ramp to Performance

Change is difficult. Sometimes executives believe the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. That being said, many are often left jaded and paralyzed when looking to make an obvious change. So many variables factor in … is our training curriculum current, does my support team have the bandwidth to launch this program and do we have the necessary resources for integration in our IT organization? All of these are very relevant questions and prerequisites to charting your course.

Your future state is contingent upon execution of your plan and time is money. How do you choose? Below I have a few key areas as well as a concept that will help you better vet your potential outsourcing partner(s).

Must Haves:

  • Cultural fit
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Infrastructure scalability and reliability
  • Engagement, Transparency, Agility

Ramp to Performance – Defined as how quickly a new partner can meet an established performance objective. This list could include many different variables from First Call Resolution and CSAT to Sales Conversion and Dollars Collected. Regardless of the KPI, the speed at which a partner achieves expected performance represents an opportunity cost. The below axis are labeled to associate performance over time with two vendors working the same project.

Ramp to Perf_Image 2
Vendor A achieves the performance objective in 28 days while Vendor B achieves the objective in 65 days.

When you overlay variables such as lower productivity or substandard CSAT performance during the ramp period, the picture becomes more compelling. Simply stated, your new partner needs to have a tried and true onboarding strategy that screams speed. Speed to every variable that is pertinent to your program. Anything less than expected results represents a cost to your business.

The last key is sustainability of performance over time.

Performance during Ramp to Scale

Ramp to Performance Graph-02


Many large BPOs move resources from project to project on a regular basis. Wild swings in performance can result. Conversely, we all know that if we staff a new program with all of our best and brightest the program will start fast, but will it sustain? Most likely not as they move to the next great client.

Beware of ambiguity and platitudes. Seek proof. An outsourcing partnership is a major undertaking for the client and BPO. Partnerships built for the long haul require transparency, proof and, most importantly, commitment to your business goals.

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