Preparing for Promotion: A Tale from the Philippines

Tyler Mayer started at CBE Companies almost nine years ago. As a 20-year-old just trying to make some extra money while attending college, he didn’t see it as much more than a small stepping stone. Looking back, he had no idea this call center job would eventually land him as a training leader tasked with opening a new operational center in Manila, Philippines and infusing the CBE culture within a culture he was just beginning to learn about. See what Tyler had to say about working in the Philippines for 18 months…and why it will always be a place he calls home.

“Infusing the CBE culture in a new office is a long process. It’s not something where you can just pack up the culture in a box and bring it with you on the plane. It’s living the Core Values and principles of the 7 habits every single day. Having a leadership team that leads by example, has high expectations, and does the little things right day in and day out paints the picture of the CBE culture to new employees. Actions must speak louder than words at every CBE location, over and over again. That’s when true brand advocates are built.

Working in the Philippines really helped me to understand the scope of the BPO industry both domestically and internationally. It allowed me to see the bigger picture and realize what I can do to help make a difference no matter where I am located. The opportunities that are available at CBE are incredible. Regardless of previous experience, if someone comes into the organization and exhibits the character, openness to influence and work ethic over time, they will be given a great chance to progress within CBE.”Tyler Career Path-07


“My opportunity as an ex-pat allowed me to see a whole new world I might never have gotten a chance to see. I was able to travel and meet many new friends. When I left the Philippines to move back home this summer, I left part of my family there. I am excited to go back soon.”


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