You Work in a Call Center?

We have all read about Google and Zappos and all the tech companies that offer flexible work schedules, where you come and go as you please as long as the work gets done. The jobs that you can work remotely from home, work from the beach – just get the job done. The companies offer uniquely designed office spaces – with couches, desks that raise and lower and some even allow for work on a treadmill, making it a totally relaxed environment – again – just get the job done.

Then there are call centers … employers that must maintain specific staffing levels from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. or even 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees do not sit on a cushy lounge chair, but rather sit in an office chair in a cubicle and must have the stamina to take phone calls seven hours out of their eight hour shift. Employees must be able to deal with difficult consumers with real problems, emotions and tempers. The job comes with attendance expectations, goals to hit and performance factors to meet. The job typically does not allow you to work remotely, but rather in the office due to security requirements.

I humbly and proudly tell you that I work in Human Resources for a call center – where we do 1st and 3rd Party work. We might be collecting past due debt or we might be assisting a consumer with a concern or a question – and yes our employees sit in cubicles and take phone calls … a lot of phone calls every shift. Our HR team recruits good people to work for our company where the experiences you encounter allow you to learn lifelong lessons that will be with you a long way into your career.

Here is my list on why you should recommend a call center job to your neighbor…

  • It’s a job that offers a variety of shifts that work perfectly with a school schedule
  • It’s a job that develops customer interaction skills
  • It’s a job that improves and develops negotiation and interpersonal skills
  • It’s a job that teaches how to think on your feet for the best response to give a consumer
  • It’s a job that allows you to talk to a diverse range of people
  • It’s a job that improves teamwork skills as you mentor newer colleagues out of training
  • It’s a job that opens the door for growth opportunities within the company
  • It’s a job that offers rapid advancement opportunities into management
  • It’s a job that offers several options for departmental movement, such as QA or Training
  • It’s a job that offers opportunities to make more than just a base wage
  • It’s a job that does not always require a four-year degree
  • It’s a job that offers a casual work environment and a fun atmosphere
  • It’s a job for people that enjoy engaging people in a good conversation
  • It’s a job….that can lead to a career!

So there you have it…when I speak to Alex, Brian, Harley and Curt, who are four of our company’s current Vice Presidents, they all have their stories of starting their careers as hourly employees in a Call Center. I would guess that none of them realized at the time, their early job on the telephones would catapult them into their leadership role they have today.

Yes, I work for a Call Center and love knowing we are able to offer good people great opportunities.


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