Preparing for Promotion Part II: A Tale of Serendipity

Our Preparing for Promotion: A Tale of Two Texans post was so popular we decided to share another awesome promotion story with you. This one is a tale of serendipity. Life has a way of turning out a bit different than we envisioned – perhaps as a child, in high school, after graduation or before marriage/children. Maybe one of your planned steps didn’t work out or just couldn’t materialize due to any number of reasons. But then one day you start to see the pieces come together and you suddenly realize why.

Daniel Tovar knows this feeling. Prior to working at CBE Companies, he lost a high-level marketing position due to an acquisition. He found his 15-plus years of experience alone wasn’t getting him the looks he needed for his career. Instead of throwing in the towel, he decided to go back to school and get his bachelor’s degree. Near the end of his studies, he got his foot in the door at CBE as a student loan collector.

Meanwhile, I had a marketing position to fill and plenty of outside interest to fill it.  We would always rather promote from within, so I took a look at our internal talent pool. And there was Daniel. The rest is history.

Daniel Tovar
Marcom Specialist, Cedar Falls, Iowa
I started with CBE Companies on October 13, 2014.  Right before that, I had been working in retail management and attending Upper Iowa University to obtain my bachelor’s degree in business and marketing.  Prior to that, I had worked for another company that ended up being sold.  Although I had over 15 years of experience, when I unexpectedly had to re-enter the job-market I found it difficult to find a position in my field without a four-year degree.  I applied at CBE with the hope that by working hard I could earn the opportunity to advance within the company, and one day perhaps a chance to work again in marketing.

Since starting at CBE, I’ve worked with some of the best people in my entire work career, from the management to the associates. This tells you a lot about the culture at CBE.  I started in collections and still consider many of those past co-workers as very close friends. In April 2015, I had the privilege to meet with the CBE marketing team to see whether I would make a good fit to fill an open role in the department.  I am happy and proud to say that today, as CBE’s Marcom Specialist, I am now working with a new team of great people in a field that we all have the utmost passion for – marketing!  I believe CBE recognizes its success through the hard work and dedication of its talented workforce at all levels.   My experience here has taught me this is a company that encourages employee advancement opportunity as part of its succession plan, so that our company can not only move forward into the future, but also on to the next level.


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