The Evolution of LocateSmarter: A Look at the Past Year

This past December I shared with you about the launch of LocateSmarter, a game changing batch skip tracing application. 2015 has been an exciting year for LocateSmarter so we would like to provide you with a bit of an update on the exciting milestones we were able to achieve.

Blog TimelineJuly is a special month for LocateSmarter. This time last year we introduced the marketplace to our skip tracing platform at the ACA International 75th Annual Conference & Expo. As a sponsor and exhibitor at the show, many people came over to our booth wondering, “What is LocateSmarter?” (They might have also come over just to spin our flashing prize wheel, but that was a-okay with us.)

After the show, the ball really got rolling. We began doing demos with interested prospects, registering users and learning what our clients truly wanted and needed. Using principles from Eric Ries’s book, The Lean Start-Up and obtaining invaluable feedback from our prospects and clients, we continued to improve our platform and its products and features.

Later in 2014 we added a new product called Priority Phone Score. This allowed us to give our clients additional understanding over their data such as which phone numbers were most likely to result in an RPC (Right Party Contact) and which data providers were returning poor quality data. This is when we realized our biggest potential feat.

In the current environment, companies were receiving too much excess data from data providers which caused operational inefficiencies and put them at risk of complaints and fines/lawsuits. While we had some control over our LocateSmarter partners’ data, there was room for improvement and  opportunity. We created our own phone append product.

We connected with direct data sources and began extensive testing. With a focus on quality and not quantity, we worked with our sources to fine-tune their returned data so that it concentrated only on the best phone number results. As a result, Movali was born.

Our proprietary phone append product is already seeing great results, but more is to come. This August we will reveal a concept never before seen in this space. Visit our blog in August to see what new feature will revolutionize the data industry.


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