Preparing for Promotion: A Tale of Two Texans

With the fluidity of business needs today, outsourcing partnerships must be more flexible. One area where flexibility is particularly paramount is resource management, ensuring your partner(s) have talent ready whenever and wherever you need it. Sounds easy – does hard. This takes a heavy investment in people development and constant talent inventory management, coupled with the long-term visions and goals of each employee.

We recently opened a new facility in New Braunfels, Texas for one of our clients. The demands to start the engagement were daunting, but we managed to open the site in a mere 28 days. First things first, we filled critical leadership roles. Through our talent management process, we identified two employees that were ready for the next step in their careers and willing to relocate. In August 2014, Nathan and Amanda Jones left Iowa behind to take on new leadership roles in the Texas site. Coming up on a year since we went live with the project, we asked them to share a little bit about their journey at CBE, as well as their new life as Texans.

Amanda:A Tale of Two Texans Infographic-01

In June of last year, I was a supervisor in a department with 30 people. I oversaw 15 of those people. In June of this year, I am a Senior Operations Manager with a little over 275 associates across two sites. I have three Operations Managers reporting to me, with 20 Supervisors reporting into them.

Moving to Texas was one of the hardest decisions I ever made and one of the best decisions I ever made. The greatest part about the decision is that we knew, no matter what decision we made, CBE would stand behind us. It was truly a win-win for us, and that made the decision so much easier. Looking back, there are days that it is hard to believe that it has been almost a year, but there are days that it seems that we have always been here. We have been given the opportunity to meet such amazing people, at the same time learn a side of the business I was never privy to before.

Working under Curt Martin, our Senior Vice President, is the greatest blessing I have ever had in my professional career. He truly takes the time to teach, mentor and develop not only the leaders under him, but those around him as well. I know that I can call Curt about something big or small and he will take the time to stop what he is doing and help me. Starting a new facility 1,100 miles away from the Corporate Office, that went from 0 employees to close to 200 in a little less than 90 days, has not been easy every day, but with the support that Curt has provided to us, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

To me, CBE means family. It means community. Moving into a new community, we have a wonderful opportunity to showcase at the ground level what that truly means. We have gotten involved in many community activities, held fundraisers, and taught our employees that we always pull together to help our own. An example of that is raising funds for the flood victims of Wimberley and San Marcos.

Working for CBE inspires me to “be better.” Each and every day, I wake up wanting to be a better version of me. CBE gave that to me. I am not ashamed to say that through my tenure with CBE, I have had times where I have fallen down in my career. This is when the culture of CBE really stood out to me, as my peers and leaders stood beside me and helped carry me through the fire. I believe that the grace that CBE gives their employees, while still holding them accountable, makes for an environment where all can develop and grow without fear. 


 Moving to Texas to open a new office has been the most rewarding, yet challenging opportunity that I have worked on so far.  Every time that a new hire is added to our company, the fabric of our company changes slightly.  We have a fantastic culture here at CBE and I love showing it to our new employees.  However, when you think about it, when you start with 70 employees in September and then add another 70 in October – it presents some challenges culturally as you are growing so fast!  You have to adapt our CBE culture to a new audience here in Texas.  It is still CBE’s culture – just with a Texas twist. 

Building this culture from the ground up takes work from not only our people on site but also with help from our corporate office.  The teams I work with on a daily basis helps provide guidance for our day to day operations.  They are my sounding board for ideas.  I believe that communication is a major reason for our success.  Curt Martin who heads up our team insists on transparent engaged daily communication.  If it wasn’t for this daily communication we wouldn’t be where we are at today.  Also – our facilities team does a fantastic job making sure the site looks like all of our other sites.  This consistency in branding makes you feel like you are right in our corporate office.  Our Organizational Development team helps provide support to our management team, helping them to see the CBE way from a different perspective.  This is done by holding off-site training and management development classes.  Our HR team is very engaged in our Texas office making sure that policies and procedures are followed.  All of this help has gotten us to where we are today, we couldn’t do it by ourselves and we know that help is just a phone call away.

The people who work at CBE have become my family.  It is easy to come into work every day where the people who work with you believe in and care about you.  This place has proven it over and over again these past 10 years.  Don’t get me wrong it has its ups and downs – however people wanting to invest in and develop you for future growth is what makes this place different from all the rest. 

Do your outsourced partners have true insight into their talent pipelines? Can they keep up with the ever-changing demands of your business? If you are unsure, ask to see what their pipeline looks like or how they’ve met business demands for talent in the past.


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