So you’ve taken on a new role, now what? (Hint: let your people do the talking)

I switched roles within CBE about 45 days ago, as many of us have before. I came from, what I thought, was a client centric lead role in what our company calls Partnership Development, or Sales. In that role, clients are the focus along with the people that work with those clients. I moved into an Operations lead role and found something interesting…the focus doesn’t change. In a dynamic role change, you expect to see everything different from your daily focus, your metrics that you measure performance, how you score performance, etc. Yet, in this shift, not much changed…

  • The client focus is the same
  • The people (doing the work) focus is the same
  • The metrics are the same

Have you ever run into someone that is making a ton of changes because of their new job, yet they don’t really know the reasons behind the change? We can all speculate about the psychology behind that. What’s really missing often times is appreciating the people that are in the trenches. Too often, we get caught in thinking dramatic shifts have to be the answer to improved performance. When, really, people want to be acknowledged and congratulated and given continuous feedback.

In making this role shift (notice I didn’t say change…because it wasn’t) I simply laid out a plan of where I wanted to focus the next 90 days…People, Process and Technology. Notice which one came first! When you take on a new responsibility, you don’t have to shake up the world or have delusions of grandeur just to show everyone who is boss. Focus on your people, coach, and help make them better (and let them help make you better), and you will find that the rest falls into place.


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