CBE Philippines Site Celebrates Second Anniversary

May 20 marked the second anniversary of our Philippines operational site. I was extremely proud and excited to celebrate this milestone, particularly since the site has been like my child I have nurtured to grow and prosper.

We prepared meals and refreshments to share as a celebration on this special day. Associates enjoyed games and we distributed goodies to employees as a token to mark this special day. As an expat/foreigner, I have been welcomed with open arms by this beautiful country. As the director privileged to be part of the founding group for the site, it means a lot to see the site and employees prosper and grow. I’ve spent precious time with our wonderful employees in this site. The experience is something I consider a blessing I will treasure for life. I’ve witnessed many of our employees start as associates and transition to different positions and that is a truly humbling experience for me, knowing that I have been part of their career growth.

My mission for the future of the Philippines site is to help it grow in the coming years and assist more employees to reach their career goals. It is my goal to see CBE enhance its reputation as a strong company in the country that has become so important for many BPO companies globally.

It has been a great honor for me to be a part of the Philippines team. The people in this company have been my family for the last two years and the Philippines will forever be my second home.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the celebration.


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