BMA15 Top 10

I got to spend a wonderful week in Chicago last week attending the premier B2B marketing event, Business Marketing Association’s BMA15. My IT friends often tell me that they “geek out” over new technologies…well I totally geeked out all week! I was in my glory listening to some of the biggest B2B brands’ stories. I was inspired, met some amazing people and am excited to tell the CBE story our customers need to hear. 

SO, here are the top 10 takeaways I came home with:

10.  The most intimate connection you can make with someone in a business context is laughter
Transactions are not relationships
8.  Experience is EVERYTHING – even for B2B
7.  Stop creating campaigns – start making commitments to telling a story that’s bigger than you
6.  ROI = Risk of Ignoring
5.  Comedy is about pain
4.  Innovation without purpose is a waste of time
3.  If you can’t feel it, it’s wrong
2.  Spend time with your customers, especially in periods of transition
1.  Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable

Even if you’re not in marketing, these are for you!



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