The Philippines … Time Well Spent

When I traveled to the Philippines last month, I was prepared for the lengthy travel time (or as prepared as you can get for 18 hours in the air).Upon arrival, I was excited to see first-hand what makes our Philippines site great.

I knew why we operated in the Philippines: A high quality workforce with a neutral American English accent at an attractive price point for our U.S. clients. What I found reinforced what was already known, but brought into clearer focus all those things that make the Philippines special.

While my colleagues in operations have often visited the Philippines, this would be my first visit. I focus on quality and compliance and this trip allowed me to see with my own eyes the commitment to industry-leading quality is the same there as it is at our sites back in the States.

Here are some things I noted:
• Filipinos have an excellent work ethic. It is an efficient workforce with a focus on family. If your organization is one that recognizes and embraces the importance of family, you may find the Philippines to be a great location for your work.
• The Philippines provides great availability of resources and experience in call center operations, including but not limited to, quality and compliance professionals.
• The Filipino culture produces friendly, outgoing personalities, a perfect fit for voice services.
• The Philippines is full of vibrant, well-educated, eager professionals in the quality and compliance segment.
• Consumer experience is at the forefront of all call center operations today which encompass operational efficiencies as well as quality and compliance effectiveness.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience in the Philippines. The people are very welcoming and the country has a great amount of offerings and new things to experience. The culture and people of the Philippines make the 18-plus hours in an airplane well worth the effort.


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