Employee Engagement Survey Results….What are they Really Saying?

Twice a year CBE sends out an employee engagement survey to all of our employees.  We patiently await survey time, and then anxiously wait for the results.

When the Results are In

We track them, measure, chart the numbers, review all the comments, determine themes, and conduct round tables to gain even more feedback so we can report back to our Leadership Team.  It’s kind of a big deal for us.  Sometimes we have to read some challenging comments and maybe the scores are not always what we hoped they would be.  We ask ourselves time and time again… What are the results really telling us?  What do employees believe this semi-annual survey is for?

Why Even Negative Comments Reflect Engagement

I always relate our employee survey to my favorite vacation spot at Big Cedar Lodge on Table Rock Lake.  My family LOVES our week at this resort – we boat, swim, relax, tube, ski and have a great time.  When we leave I take the survey they give me at check out.  I begin filling out the survey on my 10 hour drive home and I tell them any little thing that went wrong during our week there.  Did I have to wait too long for drink service at the pool?  Were they out of my favorite blueberry muffin at Truman Coffee House?  Was our boat slip that they assigned us on the wrong side of the dock?   Yes… just maybe those were things that I included on my last survey.  Why did I do that?

It is because I care so much that I want to help them improve.  I LOVE Big Cedar Lodge and I want it to be perfect when I go back the next year.  I am not trying to be negative for no reason because, remember, this is my favorite vacation spot.  While I provided some positive feedback as well, it is human nature to remember and report back the areas for improvement much more than the positive things that went as expected, or were even surprisingly great.

So that’s why I always pause when reviewing the comments and scores from our employees on the engagement survey. I remind myself that the negative feedback easily surfaces on a survey, so it’s important to take time for informal check points in day to day conversations. A combination of the two provides a more accurate assessment of employee input. Usually it tells me that our employees love CBE and just want it to be perfect… just like I love Big Cedar Lodge.


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