Resolution for Growth in the Philippines

It’s that time of the year when we all start to make “New Years Resolutions”, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll try to form better habits. It feels uplifting to begin new plans such as going to the gym to lose some weight after the holidays, start reading books or getting a new job.

Just as there are personal “New Year’s Resolutions”, businesses should also have resolutions for the upcoming year. In 2015, one of the goals for CBE’s Manila-based operations center is to grow. We’re off to a good start –

  1. We’re involved in BPO associations in the Philippines. Through these associations, we are enhancing awareness of CBE’s first offshore site while also building our network within the Philippines.
  2. There are several initiatives that are taking place in the U.S. to market the site. We are creating awareness about the Manila-based operational center and the services that it can provide for potential clients.

There are many benefits to a client who outsources their work offshore with CBE. From financial benefits and access to skilled associates to CBE’s commitment to transparency and engagement with its partners and our leadership’s expertise in the BPO space, CBE has the tools and culture to meet the challenges of any business looking for an offshore partner in the Philippines.

Do you outsource to the Philippines? If you do, what types of challenges are you experiencing? Tell us in the comments below, or even better, complete this short survey and we’ll send you a pound of Manila Vanilla coffee, CBE’s custom-blended coffee roasted in Iowa.


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