There is More to Wellness than Carrots and Work Outs

When I think about wellness, thoughts of carrots and spinach and treadmills and meditation all come to mind. And then I feel a twinge of guilt because I ate a piece of birthday cake yesterday (it was really good, though.) What I don’t think about are budgets and spending and saving and investing.

But I should. January is Financial Wellness Month, which is a good reminder that wellness is more than just eating healthy and exercising your mind and body.

Every day our clients depend on us to help their customers with financial matters. Whether it be simply taking a payment or answering a billing question, or collecting on a past due account via an outbound telephone call, CBE’s associates are guiding consumers toward financial wellness by offering solutions to fulfill important financial obligations.

It is vital that our associates understand and experience financial wellness in their own lives in order to help our clients’ customers. As you can probably guess, there is actually a link between financial wellness and personal well being. Finances are a huge stressor for the average consumer and financial stress spills over into the workplace.

The good news is that there are resources available to help educate employees and consumers about the importance of financial wellness and how to get there. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published Financial Wellness at Work in August of last year that outlines both a business case and a workplace wellness model. This is a great starting point for companies of all sizes.

A global focus on investment in financial wellness education just might enable a healthier economy with the kinds of employees, customers and outsourcing partners that make your business better.

How does your company invest in financial wellness for its employees and customers?


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