Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2014

Yet another year in the books, and most certainly one to celebrate!

As Chad mentioned, when he described our whirlwind year, it’s easy to miss something if you don’t stop to look around.

So, here it is – Our Top 10 favorite moments we wouldn’t want you to miss out on!

  1. Team building craziness, compliments of our Organizational Development department
    Team Building
  2. Hosting Governor Branstad and Joni Ernst on their campaign trail
    PNG blog images-11
  3. Celebrating 1 year of operations in the Philippines with proud staff
    Phil Anniversary
  4. Teaming up with our newest members of the CBE Family – the Haverhill Operational Center staff
  5. Hot dogs, Mario Brothers, Elvis and many more showing up for our Halloween costume contest
  6. Giving over $150,000 in employee donations to local charities through various fundraiser events and charitable programs
    United Way Check
  7. Expanding in our headquarter’s home town yet again with the opening of our sixth Operational Center
    Fisher Ribbon
  8. 26 students jump-starting their careers through CBE’s summer internship program
    Food Bank Volunteer
  9. New Braunfels community welcoming CBE with open arms
  10. Rockin the holiday sweaters in great fashionHolidayOh, and, of course, the creation of our CBE BLOG! 

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