It’s Good to be Uncomfortable

I often talk to our first party operations leadership team about being comfortable or courageous. I tell them they can’t be both.

  • To be comfortable is to show up, go through the motions, play it safe and deliver exactly what is expected.
  • To be courageous is to challenge ourselves, think outside the box, take risks and embrace change.

Being courageous can be tough – and uncomfortable. And that’s good in so many ways. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Being uncomfortable maximizes potential. While it can be uncomfortable to navigate the unknown, we come out more energized because we’ve accomplished something that we didn’t think we could ever do and that pushes us to do more.
  • Being uncomfortable builds confidence. When we try something new we’re going to take risks and we’re going to make mistakes. Some of those risks will be successful, others will fail. When we’re successful, we have confidence to keep going. When we fail, we get up and try again. That builds confidence.
  • Being uncomfortable develops stronger teams. As a learning organization we often talk about how we are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Our leaders push each other to grow, challenge the status quo and to try new things. This teamwork builds strong teams. Strong teams build strong partnerships.

Fish in Bowl with Quote2

At CBE, we experienced a lot of positive change in 2014.

  • Nearly doubled in size
  • Added two major service offerings
  • Expanded offshore
  • Opened two domestic offices
  • Completed a successful acquisition

Stepping out of our comfort zone, embracing change and being courageous has made CBE better. And that’s what we hope for every day — to be better.


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